By: Lilly Sage
Best-Selling Author

There’s a lot of little Kindle how-to ebooks and courses floating around out there right now, but few TRULY COMPREHENSIVE books that will teach you ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING you need to publish a book for Amazon’s Kindle, and drive it up the best-seller list.

My 149 page ebook will do just that, and it’s totally free today!

You’ll learn…

  • How to choose a book topic
  • How to format your book
  • What software to use when writing your book
  • How long your book should be
  • How to create or purchase a cover for your book
  • How to pick a cover that SELLS
  • How to promote your book through Amazon’s KDP program
  • How to price your book for optimal sales
  • How to make the Amazon royalty system work for you
  • How to bundle books and why you should
  • How to pick an Amazon category for your book
  • How to pick keywords for your book and why it’s important
  • How tagging works
  • How to get reviews
  • How to get verified Amazon purchasers to review before buying
  • How to optimize your book description on
  • How to create an author homepage on
  • How to create an author blog
  • Super secret selling techniques to drive sales like mad
  • How Author Rank works
  • How the Best-Seller ranking system works and how to play it
  • How to create a readership following for your books
  • How to create a series of books and link them together
  • How to Stack Promotions
  • Whether to add your book to the Kindle Lending Library
  • How to leverage social media like Facebook and Twitter
  • How to leverage Reviews to the fullest
  • How to promote your book outside of
  • How to publish a physical book and why it’s so important
  • How to optimize the “Look Inside” feature at Amazon

…And Much More!

I’ve been publishing books for Kindle for a while now. My system is a fool-proof and easy way to publish your books and skyrocket them up the best-seller list and it doesn’t even cost anything to do! I lay it all out in very clear and easy to understand steps.


A Goldmine of Useful Tips. I have been looking at writing some eBooks in my area of expertise but didn’t know how and where to start. So much confusing advice out and about the internet. Lilly Sage cuts to the chase with lots of valuable pieces of information. Will be putting it all to good use soon.
I’d image that this book would be even more valuable to those who have written an eBook or two and are frustrated by the lack of sales. Highly recommended !
Verified Amazon Purchaser

Perfect Timing. I’ve taken advantage of the Kindle phenomenon over the last year to publish my own novels, as well as become addicted to reading Indie books in this format. But I’ve never understood why my books were buried hundreds of books from the top of a category. Sage explains how the system works, how to move up the list, as well as other ways to get more exposure through Amazon and elsewhere. I’ve even signed up for her Kindle Club! Now that I’m applying the useful tips from the book, I’m hoping the Kindle Club will net me even more great ideas and insights in the future. I think most writers don’t like marketing their own work, but when you have a simple how to guide like this it inspires confidence that you can do this much needed aspect of the 21st Century writer’s craft.
Verified Amazon Purchaser

Very Helpful and Organized. I found this to be a clear, concise book with practical tips on publishing with Kindle. It was very helpful for myself. Although I have published via Kindle before I wish had this information then. Now I know what I need to do to improve what I did and do more with what I have out there. Very good book and read in one day. That’s good in my opinion as I don’t like to read on and on when the information can be given in short, simple terms.
-Lisa Tomey
Verified Amazon Purchaser

The paperback version of my book is selling for $19.95 at Amazon, and the Kindle version is selling for $4.95. Click the buttom below and I’ll send you a downloadable pdf copy absolutely free. Just sign up to my email list (you can cancel at any time – you’re under no obligations to stick around…but you might want to because I’ll send you another cool Kindle tidbit in a couple days).

Why Free?? Why not? I’m developing a blog about Kindle Publishing at and figured that this would be a good way to get the word out about it.


If you download only one Kindle resource, make sure it’s this one…you’ll be glad you did!

-Lilly Sage